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Welcome to Leadership Empowerment Initiative Uganda, a leadership, and business skills development center. We deliver top quality seminars in practical skills and strategic knowledge that have practical applications to help break those cyclical plateaus that usually occur in ones careers, businesses or organizations or ministry. Participants come from different fields such as civil society organizations, the business community, the academia, faith based organizations and individuals. We also undertake human resource development programs on site with organization, employees or staff using our customized programs that meet specific needs after an appraisal. Now you can choose to break away from the ordinary, the under-achieving, the non-challenging routines and shut up to greater productivity and achievement with Leadership Empowerment Initiative Uganda as your trusted business couch. Our programs include marriage and family seminars suitable for couples who would like to have a new freshness in their marriage, or couples already struggling. Individuals who had put away any plans of marriage or those planning to marry would be helped to approach marriage with a peace of mind.

The June 14th-15th 2016 Training

Dec 4th-5th 2015 Training Topics

August 21st-22nd 2015 Training Topics

Ministry and Business

Peter Acanga MBA Business Administration impart skills in finance and business management during the workshop.